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Our Story

Our Mission
Bear Hill Brewing Co’s mission is to enrich the lives of our guests, our employees and our communities through superior quality hand crafted beer, food with attitude, unique beverages, fun customer service, and by treating our employees like family.

Our Philosophy
Our founding principle at the Bear Hill Brewing Company is to create the absolute highest quality beer experience possible. This guiding philosophy encompasses everything that we do.

We believe in providing a mix of essential food classics and contemporary staples to create the perfect Canadian menu to be enjoyed alongside our beer. We have taken on the responsibility of localizing the beer experience by making authentic, fresh craft products that establish a new, truly Canadian beer culture.

We use only the best ingredients: premium hops and malts combined with our own cultured yeast strains. Our fourth and final ingredient is the pure, natural mountain water sourced from the great Canadian Rockies. Unlike most commercial breweries, we do nothing to our water but remove the chlorine added to it. Our fresh beer is made with real glacial water and all the minerals that come with it!

The premium beers that we brew have grown from roots grounded deeply in tradition. Our dedicated Brewmasters use time-tested recipes and brewing methods in our in-house brewery. Our hops and malts are sourced from around the world as to provide true styles with the unique twist of glacial water. This combination yields beers that are absolutely the best that they can be.

Our beers are for everyone. They are fresh, modern, and innovatively looking to the future. They are true and honest, drawing on experience from history. We truly believe there is an occasion for every beer and a beer for every occasion.

"'s all about the beer"
-Don Moore

Our History
The Jasper Brewing Co was opened in the spring of 2005 and was Canada’s first National Park Brewery. Three of the founders were born and raised in Jasper, and from the early years of their experiences in the food and beverage industry they felt there was a large demand for a “local” brew. Combine that with a love for beer – and they decided to open a brewpub.

The Banff Ave Brewing Co was founded in 2010 by Pete Korogonas, Socrates Korogonas, Alex Derksen, Brett Ireland and Daniel Rodrigues. With their success at the Jasper Brewing Company they decided to expand their horizons and look for other markets where great handcrafted beer would be appreciated and admired.

The Wood Buffalo Brewing Co (located in Fort McMurray) opened in January 2013 and is one of the largest brewpub and eateries in Canada. The immense popularity among locals and tourists alike in Jasper and Banff combined with the growing interest and demand for quality, local beer across Alberta  inspired us to expand into Fort McMurray.
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